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Iza Iza
S18866/2007 Tik
Född 2007-01-28
HD A ED ua Öga ua
Ägare Pernilla West

S28036/2002 G
Eagle's Sweet Talking Guy
S35082/99 G
Attikonak What The Heck Guideline
S24432/91 S
Guideline's Copyright
S15231/94 G
Attikonak Silky Stockings
S50281/99 G
Eagle's Now Ore Never
N21203/98 G
Rocheby Checkmate
S46680/95 G
S40900/2004 S
Eagle's Bye Bye Miss American Pie
N02373/99 S
Mambrinos Hjalmar
Cambremer Tom Cobbley Of Charway
N01263/96 S
Mambrinos Veslemöy
S34810/99 G
Eagle's Magical Maiden
N09356/96 G
Cha's Teddy Toyvo
S28509/92 G
Eagle's Hooked On Sugar

  Iza  Iza

Iza  Iza

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